1000-22 Tube | TR444 Center Bent Metal Stem
1000-22 Tube | TR444 Center Bent Metal Stem 1000-22 Tube | TR444 Center Bent Metal Stem
SKU 87045
Brand Hartford
Tube Diameter 22"
Product Size 1000-22

1000-22 Tube | TR444 Center Bent Metal Stem



This is a 1000-22 tube with a TR444 center Bent Metal stem. This is a high quality 22 inch inner tube for our 10.00-22 classic truck tires. Recommended application is for Bias Ply and recommended tire fitment is for a 1000-22 tire. Fits 1000 width, 22 inch diameter tires. TR444 stem is threaded metal stem with 15/16 inch rise, nearly 90 degree bend, then 3 1/8 inch length. These large tire inner tubes have a TR444 Bent Metal stem and the valve stem location is center. Actual item may differ from photo. Hartford brand tubes are built to meet our specifications using premium grade materials. They are designed specifically for their applications, to provide a high quality inner tube solution and reliable service life. These are excellent quality tubes, available in a wide range of sizes for collector and specialty vehicle applications.

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Will this tube fit a 305/40R22 tire?
By Dennis Reimer on September 16, 2019

Excellent question. Innertubes are designed to work in taller series profiles - 70-80 sidewall heights. Trying to get them to fit on a 40 series sidewall just will not work. You will need to replace the tire or wheel, whichever is causing the problem.

Coker Tire Support on September 17, 2019
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