19 x 5 Inch Flap




This is a 19 x 5 inch flap. Increase the useful life of your tubes with a quality tube liner. Tube liners, also known as tube flaps or tube boots, are used to protect tubes from wear, heat, and other irregularities in the rims. Typically used on split rims, two-piece rims or vehicles with wood spoke wheels. These flaps are designed with high quality rubber, made for durability and are available in many sizes. We recommend new tube liners when replacing tires. Speak to a Tire Expert for assistance with your order.
SKU 88300
Brand Universal
Product Size 19x5
Tube Diameter 19"
19 x 5 Inch Flap
19 x 5 Inch Flap

Product Questions & Answers

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I need a tube liner for my 1929 Franklin coupe. It has 650 x 19 Custom Classic tires,600/700 x 19 tubes, and 19" tube liners. Is your 19 x 5 tube liner the correct one?
By Malcolm on August 31, 2017

Yes, you may use the 19x5 flap for this application.

Coker Tire Support on August 31, 2017
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