Cadillac Wire Cap




This is a Cadillac wire wheel center cap. Cadillac wire wheels have always been popular, even as lowered customs and lead sleds. These Cadillac center caps fit our Cadillac wire wheel, and the authentic shield is on a bright red background, just like the originals. These authentic Cadillac wire hubcaps fit our Cadillac Wire wheels as well as Buick Wire, Chevy/Ford Wire, Vintage Wire and Thunderbird Wire wheels. Please check your actual wheels required cap fitment size.
SKU 1035R
Brand SpecialtyWheel
Cap Back Size 6.00 "
Finish Chrome
Cadillac Wire Cap
Cadillac Wire Cap

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Product Questions & Answers

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For a 1968 Cadillac: What is the price for the tire / whell package for AMERICAN CLASSIC 235 75R15, 1.6 inch whitewall and Cadillac wire caps with the Cadillac 48 spoke wire wheels.
By Visitor on February 25, 2016

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Coker Tire Support on February 26, 2016
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I have 1953 Eldorado with stock spoke wheels. Will these hubcaps fit on my rims. My openning for the cap is 6 1/2 inches
By Mike on July 05, 2016

This cap has a 6" back diameter and would not be compatible with 6 1/2" openings.

Coker Tire Support on July 06, 2016
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Are these caps metal or plastic?
By Mark Bialzik on September 30, 2016

These caps are all metal, except the center emblem.

Coker Tire Support on September 30, 2016
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