Mopar Standard Cap | 8 3/4 Inch Back I.D.



This is a Mopar Standard cap with an 8 3/4 inch back inside diameter. These standard Mopar hubcaps are just what the doctor ordered for a classic dog dish look on Mopar steel wheels. This classic Mopar Standard cap features the correct 8 3/4 inch back inside diameter for most stock-size Mopar steel wheels. Please check your actual wheels required cap fitment size.
SKU 2050
Brand SpecialtyWheel
Weight (lbs) 2.0000
Cap Back Size 8.75 "
Finish Stainless Steel
Mopar Standard Cap | 8 3/4 Inch Back I.D.

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Product Questions & Answers

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Will this mopar hubcap fit on all sizes of "smoothie" steel wheels? If no, which will it fit on?
By MT on June 16, 2016

This cap only fits the Mopar Standard and Chrysler Police wheels. Smoothie wheels requite 7 1/2" back diameter caps, listed here.

Coker Tire Support on June 16, 2016
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Good Morning, i orderd a wheel to try it dosnt have enough back space. how do i send this back?
By Brent Samples on September 24, 2018

We are sorry to hear that! Please give us a call at 1-800-251-6336 or email us at You will need your original order number handy. As long as the wheel is still in new condition and it is not past 90 days we can set up a return and provide you with an RMA number.

Coker Tire Support on September 24, 2018
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Do you offer this cap with the holes? I believe it is called the police version.
By Jon Wilson on August 29, 2017

Our supplier offers a police cap, but without holes. See here.

Coker Tire Support on August 29, 2017
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