Drag Tube | Large




Many racers run drag race inner tubes in their M&H Racemaster slicks, but it can sometimes be hard to find the right size. These large drag racing tubes fit tires that are 32-inch diameter or larger, and work with 15 and 16 inch wheels. We offer three sizes of drag racing inner tubes to fit tires with 24.5 to 34.5-inch diameter, and 8 to 17-inch tread width.
SKU MH1450
Brand M&H Racemaster
Tube Diameter 15", 16"
Product Size 15-16" wheel, 32.0-33.50" diameter tire
Drag Tube | Large
Drag Tube | Large

Product Questions & Answers

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Do these have screw in valve stems, and if so, can the stem be purchased separately? /if so, part number and price? Thank you.
By John Weidler on February 23, 2017

The drag tubes do have metal valve stems but we do not have them available for sale separate from tubes.

Coker Tire Support on February 24, 2017
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