Ford Deluxe Cap | 7.0" Back I.D. | 1940




This is a 1940 Ford Deluxe hubcap with 7.0" back inside diameter. These authentic 1940 Ford Hubcaps feature the distinct Ford Deluxe script across the center of the cap. These Ford hubcaps vintage style is an excellent compliment to a hot rod or restored 1940 Ford. This Ford Deluxe 1940 cap has an 7.0" back inside diameter. Please check your actual wheels required cap fitment size.
SKU 2007B
Brand SpecialtyWheel
Cap Back Size 7.00 "
Finish Stainless Steel
Ford Deluxe Cap | 7.0" Back I.D. | 1940
Ford Deluxe Cap | 7.0" Back I.D. | 1940

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Product Questions & Answers

My wheels used a 40 Ford cap 8.1/8 I bought 2 10in wheels at Summit thé Center is smaller what size do I need..
By Your Name (optional) on August 23, 2018

We do not know which wheels you purchased at Summit - but if they happen to be our Smoothies you will need a 7.5" cap like this: Click Here

Coker Tire Support on August 24, 2018
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