All White Vintage Tires

From the early 1900’s to about 1916 automobile tires were made entirely of natural rubber. The rubber was processed in its raw form and the tires were of an off-white color. The early “all-white” tires were not consistent in color, because no efforts were made to actually control the coloring in those days. While it’s common to call these tires “All White”, originally they were not bright white. According to research information gathered by Coker Tire’s product development team, the original tires from this era featured the natural color of the rubber, which has an off-white coloring. As tire manufacturers soon learned, the natural white rubber did not offer sufficient traction, endurance, or longevity. It was not until the late Teens that tire companies began adding chemicals, such as carbon black, to the rubber which turned the white rubber to the normal black coloring we see today.

By 1919 all automotive tire manufacturers had switched over to the all black appearance, but some motorcycles continued to use the All White tires into the early 1920’s. Coker Tire Company is the world’s source for authentic All White tires for brass era automobiles and vintage motorcycles. We make great efforts to fill the voids in the restoration marketplace, and are proud to offer an extensive line of All White tires. If you’ve been around the brass era market, then you know that All White tires are not a new breakthrough product, but with restricted manufacturing, supply of authentic All White tires has been limited over the last 3 years. The good news is that new production has begun!

Coker Tire’s new production line of All White tires will feature the most authentic shade of white, and come with a four-year limited warranty on the materials and workmanship. Coker Tire offers All White tires in many clincher and straight-side sizes, in the Firestone, Coker and G&J brand. The All White Firestone automobile tires include smooth and Non-Skid tread patterns, while the Firestone motorcycle tires include the Non-Skid tread and the racing tread patterns. Other All White motorcycle tires include Coker and G&J button-tread clincher tires.