DSC_4819 copy Our tires go on some of the coolest hot rods on the planet and we were overwhelmed when we found out ALL FIVE of the Goodguys Hot Rod of the Year finalists are wearing our tires! The Hot Rod of the Year is a highly sought after award given by Goodguys at the Indy Nationals. This year, the field of entries was a tough one, but the judging staff narrowed it down to five deserving finalists with bad-to-the-bone traditional hot rods. The best part of the Hot Rod of the Year program is that the cars must be driven on a street cruise, and run down the drag strip to prove that it's not just a show car. The five finalists did not disappoint, so keep reading to check 'em out! GG-HROTY-Coker The 2015 Goodguys Hot Rod of the Year winner was Keith Hill of Bixby, Oklahoma in his sliced and diced '33 Ford three-window coupe, built by Pinkee's Rod Shop. The fenderless coupe rolls on a set of our Excelsior tires and one-off wheels that resemble magnesium racing wheels. It is an elegant, yet sinister hot rod that truly deserves the Hot Rod of the Year crown. GG-HROTY-Finalist-5 Jesse Greening's Nashville-based shop, Greening Auto Company, offered up a high tech '27 Ford roadster is a super cool hot rod that was debuted at the Goodguys Nashville Nationals a few weeks ago. Jesse's roadster is another car that rides on vintage-style bias ply tires (Firestone Deluxe Champion blackwalls) but features a one-off set of wheels. GG-HROTY-Finalist-1 Taking a more traditional approach was California-based Ray Enos in his 1930 Model A coupe, built by Hilton Hot Rods. The chopped coupe is powered by a blown Ford Y-block engine by Ross Racing Engines. Firestone blackwalls and steel wheels roll beneath this slick highboy coupe. GG-HROTY-Finalist-2 Ricky Bobby's Hot Rod Shop is another Tennessee builder, and he specializes in heavily chopped and channeled hot rods. His latest build, a 1929 Model A sedan is a wild one, with Buick Nailhead power and crazy proportions. The all-white coupe rolls on black wheels, wrapped in Coker 400-18 motorcycle tires up front and massive 700-20 BFGoodrich bias ply whitewall tires out back. GG-HROTY-Finalist-3 While it may be chopped and channeled, Jason Graham's Model A sedan is a bit more subdued than the other sedan in the top 5 finalists. Jason built this car in his Portland, Tennessee shop, and debuted it at the 2014 SEMA Show in the Coker Tire booth. The car has subtle details front to back, with a not-so-subtle Hemi with velocity stacks and open headers. Jason's sedan rolls on wire wheels, wrapped in Firestone blackwall tires, sized at 600-16 and 750-16.