150622_GR_0423 It's not often that you have a flooded bridge in the middle of the day's course, especially in Texas, but it happened today. As we made our way toward our evening stop in Amarillo, Texas, we came across a flooded bridge with just enough water to make a nice splash without causing too much of a problem. We certainly saw some terrain changes, and had a challenging day on the course. Team Coker Tire is still dealing with mechanical problems, but made it to the Day 3 finish in Amarillo. We had lunch in Elk City, Oklahoma, and covered a LOT of ground today. We're headed to New Mexico tomorrow, and it will likely be another challenging day on the course. Check out our highlights from today and enjoy! 150622_GR_0272 150622_GR_0345 150622_GR_0426 150622_GR_0513 150622_GR_0522 150622_GR_0456150622_GR_0508 150622_GR_0592150622_GR_0599