150625_GR_0152 The Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is an annual vintage car rally that puts driver, navigator and car to the test through nine days and 2,400 miles of intense competition. The route changes every year, and this year, it featured a Route 66 theme, starting in Kirkwood, Missouri and ending on the Santa Monica Pier in Southern California. It was the ultimate road trip for a car enthusiast, and the field of 120 cars filled quickly when the route was announced. We covered the entire trip with daily blog entries with cool pictures from each day's adventures, but we'd like to sum it up here with a collection of our favorite photos, and to let you know that more than half of the 120-car field was running on bias ply or radial tires from Coker Tire! Even the winner, Howard and Doug Sharp's 1916 Hudson, was running our tires--more specifically a set of Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial tires. The Great Race is the adventure of a lifetime that you can do every year, and we certainly enjoyed our involvement with the event this year. Next year is gearing up to be even better, as the race starts in San Rafael, California and ends in Moline, Illinois, using the Lincoln Highway as the theme. Be sure to check out www.greatrace.com for more information on how you can participate! 150620_GR_0046 150620_GR_0139 150620_GR_0836 150621_GR_0112 150622_GR_0423 150622_GR_0508 150623_GR_0086 150623_GR_0504 150623_GR_0594 150624_GR_0357 150624_GR_0458 150625_GR_0306 150625_GR_0428 150625_GR_0550 150626_GR_0380 150626_GR_0221 150626_GR_0468 150626_GR_0686 150627_GR_0124 150627_GR_0131 150628_GR_0053 150627_GR_0270 150628_GR_0070 150628_GR_0712 GR-2015-Winners 150628_GR_0226