The Great Race Stage 2 evening stop in Sudbury, Ontario started with a rain so hard I thought the big ole raindrops would knock me out as I thundered up to the venue at the A & W in my Shafer 8. �Despite the short rain, we had a wonderful crowd to welcome the Great Racers. �Motormouth is already losing his voice some because of demands of introducing our wonderful sponsors and participants to the crowds. �My Grandpa-in-Law Vernon Cunningham and his son, (my Son-in-Law) Greg Cunningham apparently had the best raw score but were (old car'd...the older the car the better the discount off ur score) putting them In 2nd place for the Stage 2 of the 2012 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty!
Parry Sound Ontario was Stage 3, It was in high 40's that morning! �Pulled out a polarlite to wear! �All the Great Racers were bundled up too as they left for the start.
This morning while everyone was rallying, I pulled off the route in a small town in Ontario to buy a biscuit and a coffee at a McDonalds. �There was a guy standing in front of me turns around and looks at me funny (I didn't remember farting or anything offensive). He said "you're Corky Coker". �His name is Ross and as soon as he finishes his M code car, he wants some Wide Ovals! �Go get em Ross from Ontario! We've seen some might fine scenery while driving through Canada. The Lake of Two Rivers on way to Barry's Bay, Ontario is one of them. �The cars are rallying through some of the absolute most beautiful country I have seen.

We finish Stage 4 today outside of Ottawa. �Tomorrow evening we cross back over to USA. Sadly, Lost the Habetz 28 Ford this AM with a broken crank. From the road, Up here in Ontario heh! Corky