Back in 2013, we introduced the American Classic bias look radial tire. It had a huge impact on the collector car market, and we have enjoyed a great number of sales in both wide whitewall and blackwall construction. The period correct appearance of a bias ply tire with the comfort, safety and treadwear of a modern steel-belted radial made this prodcut line very popular, and we knew it would be a great place to expand as we continue to develop new tires. With that in mind, we developed a narrow whitewall version of the American Classic bias look radial tire. This product is geared toward 1960's classics, as the majority of auto manufacturers downsized to one-inch whitewalls in 1962. It was a somewhat universal transition, with only a few exceptions in the luxury sedan market. While the narrow whitewall took the place of the wide whitewall, the tires still had the tall and narrow profile with a classic piecrust shoulder. Before the introduction of the new narrow whitewall American Classic bias look radial, customers had to choose between the authentic bias ply tires, and a more modern-looking radial tire. Now, you can get the best of both worlds in four sizes to fit MANY classic American automobiles from the 1960's. Sizes include 670R15 (a great fit for classic Corvettes), 750R14 and 800R14 (perfect for your Ford Thunderbird) and 820R15 (a natural for Cadillac, Lincoln and other luxury sedans). The new American Classic bias look radial is made in the USA, and it exceed all DOT standards. Get yours now by shopping online, or call the experts at 1-866-516-3215 for more information.