Michelin 125R12 145/70R12 Tires We're proud to announce that we are expanding our very popular Michelin classic product line. We offer all of the period correct Michelins that rolled beneath sports cars of all shapes and sizes, and now, we're offering two new sizes for a select group of sports car enthusiasts. The new tires are within the Michelin X series and Michelin XZX series products lines and offer direct fitments for Fiat, Mini and more! Keep reading to see more about the two new offerings, and find out how you can get a set for your classic sports car today! [products] The Michelin X series 125R12 is a specific radial upgrade for 1957 to 1960 Fiat models and it's part of our Michelin X-series product line. These compact cars originally came with bias ply tires, so this X-series radial equivalent is a perfect option for an enthusiast who wants the safety, tread wear and handling of a radial tire. Pricing for the new 125R12 is $89 each. The Michelin XZX 145/70R12 tire comes from the popular XZX product line, and offers direct fitment for the Mini Mark V, fitting Mini's built from 1984 to 2000. These cars are plentiful and fun to drive, making them a great choice for an entry-level sports car. Pricing for the new Michelin 145/70R12 is $93 each. The new tires offer period correct styling, and modern radial tire performance. Radial tires to fit 12-inch wheels have previously been difficult to source, but Coker Tire now offers an easy solution, with high quality manufacturing that makes Michelin one of the premier tire makers in the world.