There are certain cars and builders that create a lot of buzz before, during and after the SEMA Show. Boosted Bela is one of those cars, thanks to the tireless efforts of Andy Williamson, who was heading up the PR for the project. Progress photos, teasers, and lots of hype resulted in a SEMA reveal that blew everyone away. By now, you're reading this and thinking that the ratty looking '56 Chevy in the pictures can't possibly be the car we're referencing, but you'd be wrong. Boosted Bela is a slammed '56 Chevy that is rough on the outside, but super detailed everywhere else. The build was exclusively covered by Chevrolet Performance on The BLOCK, and it absolutely exploded on social media in the days and weeks leading up to the SEMA Show. Once it was on display in the Mobil 1 booth, the car was plastered all over Instagram and Facebook, gaining as much notoriety as cars with $50,000 paint jobs. In fact, Motor Trend Magazine named Boosted Bela one of the Top 15 cars at the SEMA Show. The truth of the matter is that Boosted Bela is just plain cool. It sits right, it has a killer supercharged LS-based engine and of course, it's rolling on a set of wide whitewalls and steelies from Coker Tire. Continue reading to find out more about Boosted Bela and enjoy the photos and video! [products] Boosted Bela was built by Retro Designs Speed & Custom in Concord, North Carolina. The car sits on Ridetech air suspension, which allows it to sit super low and stuff those Firestone 670-15 piecrust whitewalls way into the wheel openings. Speaking of wheels, Boosted Bela features a set of our Solid steel wheels, which are finished with a chrome-plated hoop and a painted center. The bullet lug nuts are a nice finishing touch! Along with the patina, Boosted Bela was intentionally built without a hood, to better showcase the incredible Vortech-supercharged LS engine. Inside, you might expect to see Indian blankets draped over the original bench seats--instead you'll find Relicate Custom Leather by The Custom Stitching Company. Boosted Bela is full of surprises, and although it looks like a beater, it is truly a work of art. It got a lot of attention at the SEMA Show, and we're glad that this eye-catching Tri-Five is Coker equipped! Boosted Bela 1956 Chevy Bel Air Boosted Bela 1956 Chevy SEMA Boosted Bela 1956 Chevy SEMA Boosted Bela 1956 Chevy SEMA Boosted Bela 1956 Chevy SEMA Boosted Bela 1956 Chevy SEMA Boosted Bela 1956 Chevy SEMA Boosted Bela 1956 Chevy SEMA Boosted Bela 1956 Chevy SEMA