Watch the Video Over two decades ago, mid-westerners stir-crazy from winters grip, decided to take their cars south. The group of friends and car enthusiasts legislated that a tour take place below the Tennessee-Georgia border, and the �Cabin Fever Tour� was born. There is no club or affiliation here, just a group of friends who love to drive their cars. This year the tour ranged 80-100 miles each day for five days, across northern Georgia and was at full song with 14 cars the day they stopped here at Coker Tire headquarters in Chattanooga, TN. It was great to see all the cars roll in off the road into our parking lot. The �Cabin fever Tour� visited the Coker headquarters, Machine Shop, Restoration Shop, Museum and Honest Charley Speed Shop. We�re glad they took the time to stop by and visit! The tour usually hits the road at the end of March or beginning of April each year. more pics in the gallery