We have groups of people come into our facility for tours all the time, but it's extra special when they show up in a cool car! Take for example, the Bandit Run--this event came through Chattanooga a couple of weeks ago, and made a stop right here at Coker Tire. Many Trans Ams surrounded the area, including over a dozen "Bandit" Trans Ams, which parked in front of Honest Charley Garage, across the street. These guys and gals were truly expressing their love for Smokey and the Bandit, and one fellow even rolled up in Snowman's big rig! It was a great time, and they blasted out of here after visiting the Coker Tire headquarters and grabbing a few snacks and refreshments. We snapped a few pictures of the group of cars, and had fun scoping out all of the black TA's. On a similar note, we have a few more events headed this way for the month of May. These events are open to the public, so you can come check 'em out if you'd like. First is a gathering of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) members, who have an event here in Chattanooga from May 4-7. They will be stopping visiting Coker Tire on Thursday, May 5th so you can check out a number of vintage Chevys on the grounds. The next gathering will be the following week, on May 13th, as the Mockingbird Run will be making its way into Chattanooga. This event is put on by Perry Anthony and will be held at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. On Friday, May 13th, the 'Birds will be visiting Coker Tire, so if you have an interest in vintage Ford Thunderbirds, this event will be a blast. Keep an eye on the blog, and on our Facebook page for updates and photo coverage from the events!