140820_Jag_0015 As part of a multi-day tour, the Carolina Jaguar Club paid us a visit, and toured our facility. Tour Guide, Steve Anderson gave them a wonderful tour, packed with tidbits about our buildings, our cars, and our company history. It was an enjoyable visit to Chattanooga for all of the Jaguar enthusiasts, and we saw quite a few of them eyeballing Corky's '68 XKE roadster in the museum. Many of the cars that visited us were modern Jaguars, but we were pleased to see a '60s XKE coupe, as well as a '56 XK 140 OTS (open two seat), along with the group. Both classic Jag's were beautifully restored, and we were especially partial to the XK 140, as it rolled on a set of our Michelin X 185R16 radials. 140820_Jag_0006 140820_Jag_0002 140820_Jag_0004 140820_Jag_0019 [products]