Car shows are always a great way to meet new friends, see old ones, sell your product and rub elbows with customers. When I was kid, I remember my Dad constantly traveling to shows to meet the prospective customers, see their company's and factories. When I say travel, I don't just mean a couple hours across the state to set up a booth, I mean, he was a "Get-R-Dun" kind of traveler. He would go all over the globe to meet with people from Australia, Germany, England and Brazil and many more. I didn't quite understand why he wasn't home all the time when I was growing up, but now since I have been in the business here at Coker Tire for 2 years now, I get to see first hand what those important travels accomplish. Many years ago (when his hair wasn�t gray) my Dad received an overseas call from a guy named Alan McKinnon inquiring coming to Chattanooga to talk about doing business. Alan�s business was in Melbourne, Australia selling Antique Tyres- which is also the exact name of his business. A couple weeks later, Alan flew over to Chattanooga to meet with my Dad. As you can assume, the meeting went well and the two "brothers from a different mother" started doing business together. Alan and my Dad had a lot in common (except their accents), were in the same stage in life, were both trying to grow their businesses, and also had similar family situations. They both were raising kids around collector cars and car shows. Alan's son Ben started working for the family business during school, and it eventually just stuck- just like it did with me. Now in the "next generation", Ben and I work together almost daily just as our Dad's did! I think it's a really cool situation. Ben and I have a great relationship and don't just feel like business partners, we feel like family. This is evident when most of the emails I receive from him start out with, "What up, Sis?!". The McKinnons are a true car family with great family business values. Alan and Noeline McKinnon are still very active in the business. Ben manages the business day to day and he is a real car guy! He and his wife Nat even named their second child Hudson, after you guessed it� the Hudson automobile! Ben will deny it and say he just liked the name, but I know different! Antique Tyres in Australia offers the largest range of Veteran Vintage, Classic and Hot Rod Tyres and real wide whitewall radials in Australia. They are definitely the go-to people, not only for their wide variety of product, but also for their friendly customer service and knowledge of fitments on collector vehicles. To keep up with the ever growing market in the South Pacific they attend over 30 shows a year. Ben sent me these pictures of their display at a recent event... I was impressed, and I wanted to share them with you guys too! If you are down under and need tires or wheels, call em! You can check out their website at <> . Antique Tyre Supplies 134 McEwan Road West Heidelberg, Victoria 3081 Phone: 61 39 458 4433 Fax: 61 39 458 4795