Cheater Slicks | Dragster Slicks

Cheater slicks are very popular in the traditional hot rod and nostalgia drag racing world. Cheater slicks got their name from just barely being able to cheat the DOT laws many years ago. Tire manufactures would include just enough tread to make the tires street legal, but still use a compound that would work well on the drag strip. Now, Cheater Slicks have made a huge comeback, as the nostalgia drag racing scene continues to grow. Coker Tire offers Cheater Slicks in the Firestone product line, and they are perfect for the rear of a hot rod. Our Firestone Cheater Slicks are available in four sizes: 8.20-15, 10.00-15, 8.20-16 and 10.00-16. Each size is available in blackwall or whitewall form, depending on your preference, and all four sizes are DOT approved. One of the coolest aspects of the Firestone Cheater Slick is the pie crust shoulder, which offers a very authentic '50s and early '60s drag racing look. Our Firestone tires are made in the USA, and feature a bias ply construction with four ply polyester cord. Firestone Cheater Slicks are not intended for extreme racing use, as the compound is designed for street driving conditions. Other examples of DOT approved slicks are our M&H Cheater Slicks, which are available in a number of sizes to fit many applications. Whereas the Firestone slick is designed primarily for street use, the M&H Cheater Slick is intended for drag racing while also being street legal. M&H Cheater Slicks feature a very soft tread compound and sidewall for awesome traction, whether you bolt them to a high horsepower street car or an all out drag car. [products]