140708_Nomad_0087 The Chevrolet Nomad Association holds a National Convention every year, and it moves around to a different city each year. We're so glad the organization chose Chattanooga, Tennessee as the home of the 2014 Nomad Convention, and we opened our doors and invited them to join us for an afternoon of fun. A wide open tour of our facility and a hot dog dinner (cooked by Coker Marketing dudes, Jason White and Aaron Wolfe) gave them plenty to talk about, and they absolutely packed Fort Street with Nomads. Every configuration, from bone stock to full custom lined the street, and we loved getting up close and personal with these classic Chevys. 140708_Nomad_0063 Want to learn more about Nomads? Sure you do! When Chevrolet introduced the Nomad in 1955, it was a new take on station wagons. Previously, station wagons were strictly for utilitarian use (sedan delivery), or for big families (four-door wagons usually had three rows of seating). A lot of things changed for General Motors in 1955, including the introduction of the "sport" station wagon, the Nomad. Less than 40,000 Nomads were built from 1955 to 1957, making them very rare 60 years later. Nomads don't share many panels with any other Chevy body style--even the other station wagon models. They have special doors, roof, windows, tailgate, quarter panels, etc. so they have a distinct look, compared to other Tri-Five Chevys. They do, however, use the same 6.70-15 and 7.50-14 tires, so they can take advantage of our new American Classic bias look radial and OE Tri Five steel wheels! 140708_Nomad_0007 Nomads have a big following these days, and the Chevrolet Nomad Association is the largest official group of Nomad owners in the world. We're happy they visited Chattanooga, and extremely happy that they came by to check out our place!!! 140708_Nomad_0011 140708_Nomad_0077 140708_Nomad_0082 140708_Nomad_0097 140708_Nomad_0074 140708_Nomad_0105 [products]