By now, you know that we appreciate collector cars. In fact we appreciate just about anything with tires, especially when those tires are rolling down the road on a regular basis. SEMA took an idea and ran with it a few years ago, creating Collector Car Appreciation Day, an annual holiday dedicated to getting your old vehicle out on the road. This year, Collector Car Appreciation Day happened on Friday, July 8th, and we had a special lunchtime cookout to welcome anyone who wanted to drive their old car to our facility here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Considering that most people have to work on Fridays, the event had a great turnout, and we provided free lunch for the folks who came out to join us. Jason White grilled the 'dogs, while Corky supplied the watermelon, and we all had an awesome time. This is most certainly an annual tradition for our company, so if you missed out, there's always next year! image1[1] image4