140921_CTC_0718 After three days of rallying through some of the Southeast's finest scenery, the 2014 Coker Tire Challenge ended Sunday afternoon. A short Sunday morning route offered beautiful sites and great weather, and of course, the anticipation of which team would be taking home the hardware! It was a close finish, but thanks to a great score and a 1916 age factor, Howard and Douglas Sharp from Fairport, New York, earned the best overall score. Closely behind was the team of Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry (last year's winners). Another notable award winner was Robert Dinges from Killen, Alabama--he received the Bill Coker Spirit of the Event award! We want to thank all of the staff, racers and support crews for supporting the Coker Tire Challenge--we also want to send a huge thanks to Hemmings Motor News and Hagerty for coming down to compete in the event! Check out our favorite photos from the finish line and awards ceremony, as well as the final results below! 140921_CTC_0550 140921_CTC_0554 140921_CTC_0569 140921_CTC_0574 140921_CTC_0577 140921_CTC_0582 140921_CTC_0589 140921_CTC_0603 140921_CTC_0610 140921_CTC_0616 140921_CTC_0638 140921_CTC_0650 140921_CTC_0660 140921_CTC_0676 140921_CTC_0709 140921_CTC_0710 140921_CTC_0711 140921_CTC_0712 140921_CTC_0713 140921_CTC_0714 140921_CTC_0715 140921_CTC_0716 140921_CTC_0718 140921_CTC_0721 Overall Scores Scan10002 SCCA Division Scores Scan10001 [products]