140920_CTC_0403 Another long day of rallying has come to an end at the 2014 Coker Tire Challenge. Today, we left the Coker Tire facility, heading north on I-75, on our way to the actual starting point in Cleveland, Tennessee. From there, we rallied through the back roads until we made it to the small town of Dayton, Tennessee, home of the Scopes Trial in 1925. Then, we crossed a couple of mountains on our way to a lunch stop in Sparta, Tennessee and finally snaked our way back to Chattanooga through towns such as McMinnville and Dunlap. Overall it was a great day of rallying, and we're ready to give it one last go tomorrow morning. Stay tuned to see who wins it all tomorrow, but for now, enjoy some of our favorite shots from today's run through the hills of Tennessee. 140920_CTC_0323 140920_CTC_0446 140920_CTC_0318 140920_CTC_0337 140920_CTC_0364 140920_CTC_0329 140920_CTC_0398 140920_CTC_0390 140920_CTC_0465 140920_CTC_0372 140920_CTC_0396 140920_CTC_0421 140920_CTC_0498 140920_CTC_0540 140920_CTC_0541 [products]