140919_CTC_0047 The Coker Tire Challenge is laid back, compared to its big brother, the Great Race, but it still offers quite a challenge, even for skilled veterans of the rallying world. Today's route sent us to Huntsville, Alabama for a lunch stop, and then back to our starting point of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The route features lots of elevation changes, mountain roads, tricky turns and great scenery along the way. Unfortunately, Friday afternoon traffic gave us some issues getting back to Coker Tire for the evening's hosted dinner in the Coker Tire Museum. At this point, Howard and Douglas Sharp are in the lead, but there are still two more days of rallying to see how things shake out! Check out today's photo highlights and stay tuned for more as the Coker Tire Challenge continues! 140919_CTC_0085 140919_CTC_0261 140919_CTC_0088 140919_CTC_0052 140919_CTC_0127 140919_CTC_0038 140919_CTC_0201 140919_CTC_0285 140919_CTC_0169 140919_CTC_0269 140919_CTC_0270 140919_CTC_0244 140919_CTC_0133 140919_CTC_0217 140919_CTC_0289 140919_CTC_0292 [products]