150919_CTC_0014 The Saturday portion of the Coker Tire Challenge 2015 event is always a full day of rallying, and this year, we headed East toward the mountains. We followed the Ocoee River briefly, and then peeled off on Highway 30 for a beautiful drive through varying elevations with lots of twists and turns. From there, we motored north for a pit stop in Etowah, and then got back on the clock for some intense rallying. With lunch in Cleveland, Tennessee (only a short distance away from Chattanooga) we had a very technical course that eventually led us back to Coker Tire, where the racers got their scores for the day. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the scenery couldn't have been better. Check out some of our favorite photos from today's action! [products] 150919_CTC_0003 150919_CTC_0022 150919_CTC_0029 150919_CTC_0035 150919_CTC_0038 150919_CTC_0055 150919_CTC_0069 150919_CTC_0051 150919_CTC_0104 150919_CTC_0118 150919_CTC_0122 150919_CTC_0138 150919_CTC_0167 150919_CTC_0182 150919_CTC_0175 150919_CTC_0189 150919_CTC_0171 150919_CTC_0226 150919_CTC_0200 150919_CTC_0232 150919_CTC_0221 150919_CTC_0268 150919_CTC_0240 150919_CTC_0244 150919_CTC_0276 150919_CTC_0295 150919_CTC_0317 150919_CTC_0324