150920_CTC_0053 Boy, these three-day rallies sure seem to fly by, and the 10th annual Coker Tire Challenge is in the books. The 2015 event was a great success, with awesome weather and very few break-downs. The Sunday route is always a short one, and it ends right here at Coker Tire with a warm welcome from the Coker Tire staff. We also enjoyed a hosted BBQ lunch from Shuford's Smokehouse, and a great awards ceremony where we crowned the top contenders from Coker Tire Challenge 2015. Congrats to David Reeder and Sawyer Stone on their victory! Enjoy our photos from today! [products] 150920_CTC_0003 150920_CTC_0007 150920_CTC_0017 150920_CTC_0034 150920_CTC_0021 150920_CTC_0049 150920_CTC_0064 150920_CTC_0069 150920_CTC_0075 150920_CTC_0082 150920_CTC_0091 150920_CTC_0097 150920_CTC_0086 150920_CTC_0114 150920_CTC_0115 150920_CTC_0122 150920_CTC_0123 150920_CTC_0124 150920_CTC_0125 150920_CTC_0126 150920_CTC_0128 150920_CTC_0130