Back on the road Saturday morning, the teams headed to Dunlap to start their day's route. From the starting point, the vehicles headed straight up the mountain on a twisty two-lane road, before ending up on top of Cagle Mountain. From there the route was rather tame, but a few narrow roads made it tough for racers to keep on their strict speed and time schedule. The lunch stop was held in Sparta, Tennessee, then the racers came down off the mountain and into Pikeville, Tennessee, where they would climb once again as they headed into Dayton on Highway 30. Coker Tire Challenge On the home stretch, racers headed down Highway 58 before arriving at the Coker Tire headquarters in Chattanooga, where they'd be greeted by more than 200 cruise in cars, trucks and motorcycles. The Challenge participants had a special parking area, so the cruise in folks could take a look at these vintage machines. We had a great time on the route, so take a look at our pictures, and look forward to more updates! We'll know the winners shortly, so we'll keep you posted! [gallery link="file"]