Our product offerings extend to a number of distinct makes and models, but we have a great deal of authentic products for 1963 to 1967 Corvettes. This year range is commonly referred to as the Midyear Corvette, or the C2, and it is regarded as the most popular generation of the popular Chevrolet sports car. Wheel options for Midyear Corvettes originally ranged from base model wheels that featured full hubcaps (1963-1966), Rallye wheels (1967), and a factory option for "Knock Off" wheels. The Knock Off wheels were not as common as the steel wheel and hubcap combination, so they are highly sought after in the restoration market. Coker Tire offers high quality aluminum reproductions of these wheels, with three distinct models to perfectly restore a 1963-1964, a 1965 a 1966 or a 1967 Corvette. Take a look as Joe Shudan explains the assembly processes on the wheels, and explains the differences between the models. 1963-1964 1965-1966 1967 [products]