Highlights from Day 2 of the 2018 Great Race
Today, we tackled the state of New York. Yesterday's route didn't cover a lot of ground, as we made the easy jump from Buffalo to Fairport. However, today was a new animal, as we started the day in Rochester, New York and ended on the Eastern side of the state in the city of Troy. We saw fields and farmland for many miles of today's trip, but we also saw some cool old towns sprinkled throughout New York. After a morning route full of hills, twists and turns, we made our way into Norwich, New York for lunch. The venue was the Northeast Classic Car Musuem, which houses an incredible collection of cars, trucks, motorcycles, engines and more. We could've stayed there all day! But the clock was ticking and we had to hit the road. We then drove into more scenic farmland, and saw dozens of Coker-equipped vehicles performing well on the course. After the end of the day's timed course, we hightailed it to Troy, New York for a big part on River Street. Despite some questionable weather, the turnout at both hosted stops was awesome today. We're prepared for another big day tomorrow, as we cross into Vermont. As of right now, Team Coker Tire (Gary and Jean Ann Martin) are in 14th place overall, but a host of Coker-equipped vehicles make up the top of the leader board.