140624_GR14_3242 Today was a four-state day, which is a lot, even if we didn't span the entire length of the states involved. Our day began in Pennsylvania, dropped into Delaware, then Maryland and finished in Virginia. We logged a bunch of miles, and covered a lot of ground, but it was a great day. Considering the length of the transits, and difficulty of the route, the day was much easier on equipment than yesterday. Our lunch stop in Bob Bryan's hometown (where he's also the Mayor) of Millsboro, Delaware and it was fantastic. We then snaked through the small town of Berlin, Maryland, on our way to the Chesapeake Bay, where we would eventually cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Our dinner and overnight stop in Portsmouth, Virginia was great, and we'll be on our way into North Carolina for tomorrow. Today's scores for Greg and Vernon Cunningham placed them in 9th place, while the all-girl Coker team of Karen Stumb and Whitney Brown had a rough day and placed 50th in the running. 140624_GR14_2986 140624_GR14_2896 140624_GR14_2819 140624_GR14_2796 140624_GR14_3351