140625_GR14_3600 Ahh yes, we're back in the South! This morning we crossed into North Carolina, but it's not the Carolina's that we're accustomed to in our neck of the woods. Our version of North Carolina is mountains and winding roads, but the Eastern portion of the state is very flat with lots of farm land and swamp land. We enjoyed the day's rally and visited a couple of very cool towns. Lunch was at Elizabeth City, where we ate a wonderful lunch and hit the road soon thereafter. From there, we rallied down the road, and crossed the Albemarle Sound on our way to an outstanding stop in New Bern. The town was absolutely packed to the gills, so we made our way through the crowd and had a delicious BBQ dinner. What a day, and we get to spend another full day in North Carolina tomorrow! 140625_GR14_3543 140625_GR14_3573 140625_GR14_3772 140625_GR14_3790 140625_GR14_3950 140625_GR14_4015 140625_GR14_4039