7 down and 2 more to go! We're getting closer to the Grand Finish in Halifax, Nova Scotia but we have two more tough days of rallying ahead of us. Today was a long one, as we traveled from Bar Harbor, Maine into Canada. It was an early start to give us plenty of time to cross the Canadian boarder, and get ready to start the day's timed course. The morning course covered lots of ground, but kept us on one particular road for many miles (or kilometers, since we're in Canada). We made our way to a packed-out lunch stop in Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada, and then hit the road again. We received a warm welcome in the town of Sussex, New Brunswick. They were not a hosted stop, but they knew the limited roads would send the Great Racers through their town. They watched us drive through, offering waves, cheers and even a live band playing near the street. It was great! After that, we made a quick burst on the highway, and then took to the back roads once again. We had incredible scenery today, including some epic views of the Bay of Fundy. Finally, we made our way into Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada for our evening stop. The threat of thunder storms forced the event organizers to go for Plan B, which was the Moncton Coliseum. It worked out nicely, as thousands of people swarmed the indoor venue. The storms came through at the end of our evening here in Moncton. Team Coker Tire (Gary and Jean Ann Martin in their "Coker Blue" 1964 Chevy II) finished 4th today, helping them stay in the 5th place in the cumulative standings. Tomorrow, we cross over into Nova Scotia...a lot can change in the last two days of the Great Race, as the teams will no longer be allowed to "throw out" any legs on their scores. That will definitely make it interesting as we get closer to the finish line! Stay tuned!