140628_GR14_5352 We've driven all week to get to Florida and now we're here! Today was another long transit from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida with a lunch stop in Savannah, Georgia in between. It was a long day of rallying with the heat and humidity playing a factor in our comfort level yet again. Both Coker teams are rockin', although Coker #2 (Karen Stumb and Whitney Brown in the Corvair convertible) had a flat tire and had to finish the day with a space saver spare. Our stops were awesome, and we had a great time truckin' through the backroads of South Georgia for most of the day. Tomorrow is the final day of competition, so we're ready to buckle down and get it done! 140628_GR14_5268 140628_GR14_5302 140628_GR14_5401 140628_GR14_5448 140628_GR14_5777