The center of the collector car world focused yesterday in Chattanooga Tennessee for the battle of the better mustache. You see my friend Dennis Gage, of My Classic Car fame has a huge handlebar mustache. He and I have been arguing for the past few years about who has the better mustache. His requires a considerable amount of attention, with Dennis� own special (six ingredients) blend of waxes n stuff. My �cowboy style� mustache occasionally gets combed because of excess cookie crumbs or fried okra remnants. Actually Dennis was in town to film a segment with me and some of our family�s cars for his wonderful show, My Classic Car shown on the Speed Channel. My hat goes off to Ben, Dennis and Morrow for excellent work in filming My Classic Car. It is a lot of work and I was impressed with the professionalism and intensity displayed by the folks at Bradley David Productions. Harold and Lill Coker�s (aka mom n dad) farm was their choice for the setting for the filming of the episode. Dad has a wonderful collection of cars with lots of brass cars including, Nationals, Wintons, Locomobiles, Pierce�s, and Thomas Flyers!

Dennis and I drove my 1914 Mitchell in the segment. It ran like crap for the first few minutes but I think she kind of warmed up to Dennis later and ran like a sewing machine the later part of the shoot. This Mitchell is a wonderful machine with a big six cylinder 660 cubic inch engine. The crew was busier than a one eyed cat watchin two mouse holes in the hot humid Tennessee sun. Morrow seemed to have biceps of steel hanging off the running board of my Mitchell filming Dennis and I motor down the country lanes of Chattanooga (on wonderful Coker tires I must add!).

I allowed Dennis to drive my 1936 White �Yellowstone� bus as a consolation prize since he is clearly losing the best mustache debate. He certainly has had plenty of experience driving or riding some cool stuff, so I thought the bus would be in good hands. Our �yellow rose� is a full 14 seater convertible so we sweat like stuck pigs all day in the Sun but finished filming by 5 PM in time for a quick rain shower.

I have developed a new respect for the rigors of filming a TV show. It takes a lot of energy and intensity. Not everyone can be as �on their game all the time� like Dennis Gage. Too bad his mustache is not nearly as good as mine.

Thanks for coming to see us Dennis, Ben and Morrow! I guess this show will air sometime in next season�s schedule. You can check out their website too at


The My Classic Car being shot at the Coker Farm Dennis proping up on Corky's Yellowstone touring busHarold and Lill Coker chat with host Dennis GageCorky and Dennis get to work filming for the upcoming showCorky and Dennis having fun filming in Corky's Mitchell