Friday February 29 was a very special day here in Chattanooga. Leap year day you know! I understand that leap year only comes around once in a while and that strange stuff sometimes happens on Leap Year Day. Well, we had a visit from Ransom E Olds....Oldsmobile to be more specific. No, not the man. Come know he is taking a dirt nap. The car! My friends Duane and Jean Miller brought their 1911 Oldmobile Autocrat for a quick visit to say hello and say thanks for Ransom's new shoes! Jean affectionately calls their car "Ransom", so now you know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey might say. In 1911 Oldsmobile made Autocrats in five models: a limousine, a tourabout, a roadster, a 5p touring car and a 7p touring car. Engines were T head four cylinders cast in pairs (5 inch bore and 6 inch stroke) pushing a whoppin 40 horses. Duane and Jean are some of my heros because they really drive this great brass car! Ransom has climbed Pikes Peak twice and been on just about every brass car tour from Georgia to Michigan! (Duane's a retired GM exec who helped put the GRRRR in GTO back when they wore bias plies) h0KbrAzBIMA We did a little video blog and a quick tour of our facilities and loaded old Ransom back in his trailer. (It was raining pitchforks and hammerhandles so don't complain to Duane about trailerin' cause Ransom ain't no trailer queen!) Thanks for bringing Ransom to see us Duane and Jean! I look forward to seeing him tool down the road sportin those new shoes! From the road, Corky