AND...Hot Rods and the HAMB! These are certain words that automatically go together. When you say one of these words, you gotta think of the other word that goes with it too. Hot rods and the HAMB are one of those pairs of words that stick on each other. If you are into Hot rods, and can maneuver at all around the internet, there is one place that is an automatic gotta see and you gotta go to: the HAMB. The name of the website is actually the Jalopy Journal but the discussion forum on is called the HAMB, which stands for (Hokey Ass Message Board). The owner of the website is all round car guy, Ryan Cochran. Ryan has absolutely done an amazing job building this community for hot rodders to come together to talk about their cars, set up meetings, tell lies, swap parts and enjoy hot rodding. Ryan stopped in to see us at Coker just these past few days. We had the opportunity to sit down together to see how we ALL can make our hobby better. My saying is..."a rising tide raises all ships!" Ryan believes that same way. I just wanted all my friends to know that his website is absolutely the coolest, the best... and is run by a real car guy with a good head for business and a good heart. Congrats Ryan! You go dude! Corky