Firestone Knobby Tires on Mike Hallmark's Moab-Conquering 1948 Willys CJ2A

There is something to be said for folks who get out and use their collector vehicles for their intended purpose. A perfect example is Mike Hallmark's 1948 Willys CJ2A. This thing is weathered and worn, but Mike got it running again and put it to work at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. He didn't putt around the low lying areas or search for easy lines to take. He went all out and did exactly what this old Jeep was supposed to do. He held on for dear life as the bumps nearly threw him out of the seat, and kept his foot planted to pull out of some hairy situations. 

Mike is the Marketing & International Sales Manager for Hellwig Products and he approached us last year about using some of our vintage style off road tires on his recently discovered Willys. We thought it was a cool project, and set him up with a set of our Firestone Knobby 600-16 tires, which he then mounted to a set of original 16-inch wheels. Mike told us he planned to thrash on the patina'd Jeep at Moab, but we couldn't believe our eyes when he showed us the pictures and videos of this thing bouncing off of rocks and tackling some major obstacles. It's truly awesome to see it getting used, and cool that he trusted our tires to do the job. Check out the highlights of Mike's trip, where he also ran into our CEO, Wade Kawasaki, who hopped behind the wheel for a photo opp. 

Tire & Wheel Combo from Coker Tire CompanyTire & Wheel Combo from Coker Tire Company

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