Just like anything else, pronunciations are different around here. Some people say Chevrolet, some people say Chevy, but around here, it's pronounced "Chev-uh-lay". On that note we had four awesome "Chevuhlay's" in the parking lot today at lunch time...they were on their way back from the Hot Rod Power Tour so they made a quick stop here at Coker Tire to take a look around. It was pretty good timing on their part because we're getting set up for the Great Race, so there are a few old cars already rumbling about in Corkyville. One is a '55 "Chevuhlay" pickup with a blown big block. Another is a black early '70s "Chevuhlay" Camaro...big wheels, big brakes, slick paint, the whole nine yards. Then we have a '60 "Chevuhlay" Bel Air with the big wheel, lowered stance treatment. Finally is a '70 "Chevuhlay" Chevelle with some really big five-spoke Americans on it. Unfortunately, none of them have Coker Tires (shame on you guys) but they all look awesome and we were glad they stopped by!