150623_GR_0594 Wow. That sums up today's route on the 2015 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty. We started the day in Amarillo, Texas and made a quick pit stop at Cadillac Ranch, which was just a couple miles from our host hotel. From there, it was a LONG morning of rallying on some of the flattest and straightest roads in the United States. The wind was a huge factor, as the strong head wind gave the driver's yet another challenge when it came to holding speed. Speaking of which, most of the day was spent with the speedometer needle on 50 miles per hour, and that presented quite a challenge. Sometimes, our courses feature dozens of turns, speed changes and other maneuvers, but today, it was all about the driver holding steady. We stopped for lunch in Tucumcari, New Mexico and embarked on a challenging afternoon route in the middle of no where. We drove for MILES without seeing other cars, other humans or buildings. We finally made it back to civilization and rolled through Las Vegas, New Mexico before hightailing it to our overnight hosted stop in Santa Fe. Tomorrow's another big day in New Mexico, but for now, enjoy the photos! 150623_GR_0036 150623_GR_0086 150623_GR_0274 150623_GR_0376 150623_GR_0743 150623_GR_0504 150623_GR_0999 150623_GR_1089