Great Race 2019 Day 2 -- Enjoy the Climb

Some days of Great Race competition cover more territory than others. Today's route from Lancaster, California to Gardnerville, Nevada was a long one--appoximately 400 miles. The route included various elevation changes, with a maximum of 8,000 feet, and we saw some of the greatest scenery in the country. We made our way to Bishop, California for lunch, where we were treated to a warm welcome and a great lunch! From there, the route sent racers into the twists and turns, and more elevation changes. While it did take its toll on several cars, that's part of the challenge of the Great Race. Our day wrapped up in Gardnerville, Nevada where we had a great turnout of spectators, and gave Brad and Erin Kaplan with the Stage 2 winner placque, as they got the best score of the day. Check out a few of our highlights from the day's beautiful route!