Yesterday was a long run with tons of elevations changes. Today, we saw more of the same, as our first leg of the timed course involved a 7,000 foot climb to the top of Donner Pass. The views from atop the mountain are beautiful and there is still snow on the ground in certain areas. After the climb, we slowly eased our way down from high altidue as we entered Grass Valley, California for lunch. With temperatures swinging from 65 degrees at the Donner Summit, to 95 degrees in the valley, we had quite a day of transition. The lunch in Grass Valley was packed with people, as was the special pit stop in Oroville, California. Although it was brief, the time in Oroville was great and provided a much needed break in the middle of the afternoon heat. The remainder of the afternoon route consisted of twists, turns and a small loop to finish off the day's timed course. Then, we rolled into Chico, California, where we were greeted by a great crowd of car lovers. Tomorrow, we head to the coast, so stay tuned for more updates and take a look at a few of our favorites from today's adventure!