Great Race 2019 Day 5 -- Making A Splash

One of the most popular questions that spectators ask about the Great Race is, "What happens if it rains?" to which we generally answer, "You get wet!". This is especially the case in a roadster but also applies to some of the closed roof cars if the rain is pouring down hard enough. Today was one of those days where many Great Racers got wet. The day started off with overcast skies, and then that turned into a light mist, and then full-on rain showers that lasted well into the afternoon. Today's lunch stop in Gold Beach, Oregon was soaked, but we still enjoyed the hospitality. The afternoon route was full of challenges, but it eventually led to our overnight stop in Grants Pass, Oregon. Today was full of great scenery, from the giant Redwoods in Prarie Creek Redwoods State Park to the scenic one-lane bridges over the Rogue River, just outside of Gold Beach. Let's take a look at some of our highlights from today's action and prepare for a full day of Oregon beauty tomorrow!