Monday in Rogers, Arkansas started with a steady rain. I have been rallying for many years and have always rallyed in an open car. Our new 32 Ford Roadster pickup has a wonderful new Rodtop which performed beautifully all day. Greg Cunningham and I stayed perfectly dry all morning during the constant rain. We rallyed thru lots of small town Arkansas eventually lunch stopping in Van Buren. It is a really cool Main street kind of town straight out of the Victorian period. I love old brick buildings and this town was full of them! We finished the day without rain and it sure was nice being dry. Did I mention the cool Rod Top on GR3? We finished in 7th place with a 17 seconds which was pretty darn good. Day/Stage 3 started with lots of sunshine so we took off our top and plastered on the sunscreen. Visibility for signs is so much better if there is no top at all. There were 36 pages of instructions which took us through Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We had lunch in Joplin, Missouri in a restored building in downtown. The afternoon started out with a bang and a tingle tingle and a glass crash when our headlamp ring and lense fell off on one of the rough roads. We finished with a 14 and 10th place. The deal is to continue to be consistant and turn in a great score and one can rocket to the top! We'll see! From the road, Corky For Pictures of the entire GR3 build, visit the gallery !