131016_Road_Trip_0028 We love a good ol' car guy adventure. We do stuff like the Great Race, the Driven Dirty Tour and other road trip adventures on a regular basis, but we encountered a slightly different approach to the standard old car road trip this week. Apparently, a group of guys from California flew to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the AACA Fall Meet with a pocket full of cash, in search of a classic car. The goal was to buy a car at Hershey and drive it back home to California, with Coker Tire being a pit stop along the way. Ok, you have our attention! 131016_Road_Trip_0007 The guys and gals didn't skimp on their purchases. Most of the cars were nicely restored and seemed to be in great running order. A quick trip down I-81 will certainly help you identify any problems, and by the time they got to Chattanooga, many of them had issues to repair before they could continue on the journey. Carb issues, clutch chattering and many other symptoms were quickly tackled by our crew here at Coker Tire and Honest Charley Garage. The tire guys were slinging tires and wheels, while the Garage guys made sure each car was ready for another couple thousand miles. 131016_Road_Trip_0005 Despite the minor problems they encountered, we loved the selection of cars, and the fact that most of them had Coker Tire products on them! The ones that didn't have Cokers in place bought tires while they were here. Some even bought a set of wheels to go with the fresh rubber! We spent the afternoon with the group of car guys, and they had a blast while they thrashed on their vehicles. 131016_Road_Trip_0003 While most of the cars were very nicely done, our favorite was a split decision between the Hemi-powered '55 Desoto (rolling on our 225/75R15 Coker Classic whitewall radial tires and Chrysler Wire Wheels) and the '63 Pontiac Bonneville convertible (rolling on 225/75R14 Coker Classic whitewall radials). The Pontiac was certainly the rarest vehicle in the group--it features a 421 with Tri-Power, four speed, air conditioning and every option imaginable, including 8-lug wheels. 131016_Road_Trip_0018 131016_Road_Trip_0062 131016_Road_Trip_0008 131016_Road_Trip_0001 131016_Road_Trip_0013 131016_Road_Trip_0015 131016_Road_Trip_0068 131016_Road_Trip_0028