hornets_nest_aaca4.jpg Hornets Nest Chapter of the AACA were having fun to be a little more clear. If you are part of the antique car- hot rod swap meet culture, then you should know that there are some really special swap meets that you GOTTA go to! You gotta attend the best ones like Hershey, Portland Oregon, all the Carlisles and of course the Charlotte Auto Fair at Humpy's place: the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Humpy Wheeler and his team have a lot to do with this huge swap meet now too but it was started and still run basically by the Hornets Nest Region of AACA. AACA stands for Antique Automobile Club of America. The national club has about 60,000 members but the HN region has some number north of 500 members. After they (the hornet's) finish up their Spring Auto Fair (just a few weeks ago)tally the money, and rest up from all that work, they take a tour together IN OLD CARS. This past week about 250 Hornets Nest Region members landed together in Chattanooga. They called us several months earlier and one of their representative Hornet Nesters with the scouting party stopped by to see if they could tour Coker Tire and Honest Charley. We enthusiastically said... "Yall Come" and they did! hornets_nest_aaca2.jpg Thursday night we had about 250 car club members at our Chestnut Street headquarters and treated them to horses ovaries (I don't know how to spell the real fancy word)....ok gross...how about finger foods?...That works. We treated them to finger foods, cold drinks, good fellowship, and music from some good friends of mine who "pick n sing" called Cow Jazz. Every time we host a group like the Hornets Nest Region I am reminded that Car People are the best people in the world! Because of that I consider that we (Coker and Honest folks) are pretty lucky to have the good fortune to earn our living serving cool people like the Hornets Nest Region AACA and other cool car folks out there we haven't met yet! hornets_nest_aaca3.jpg What's really important to note is that when these folks came to see us, they drove their collector cars! I love that! We need to get those cars out and drive em more! No more trailer queens and garage kings! If you have a big collector car group, come see us! We love it when our friends are driving cars and wearing out tires! But you love it too! You can't get the smiles unless you do the milles! So, come see us! You can see even more pictures by visiting the Coker Tire Photo Gallery! All the best! Corky Coker