We always get excited when the Hot Rod Power Tour comes through Chattanooga, Tennessee. It came through in 2010, then again in 2013 and it was bigger and better than ever in 2018. One thing that has been consistent all three times it has visited Chattanooga is the temperature--it has been HOT! The Hot Rod Power Tour always hits the road in June, so temperatures are usually high, but it doesn't stop thousands of cars and trucks from invading 7 cities. This year, the event is concentrated in the Southeast, making it a great road trip for car guys that are local to us. The event started in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Saturday, June 9th and came to Chattanooga on Sunday, June 10th. Thousands of cars invaded the Chattanooga State Community College campus, while thousands more spectators were bussed in throughout the day. The rolling car show features dozens of vendors, lots of great prizes, and all the car guy camaraderie that you can stand! We had our box truck on hand, with a few of our products, and a very popular sign-up sheet for a free set of tires. After the official Chattanooga stop came to a close, the participants went out on the town for a evening of great food, cool sights and maybe a few burnouts in the hotel parking lot. On Monday morning, the engines fired up again, as it was time to hit the road for the day's stop in Hoover, Alabama. We had a bunch of visitors who stopped by the showroom before embarking on their day of driving. It's always fun to welcome visitors to our facility, this year's Hot Rod Power Tour Chattanooga invasion was no different! Hot Rod Power Tour Hot Rod Power Tour Hot Rod Power Tour Hot Rod Power Tour Hot Rod Power Tour Hot Rod Power Tour Hot Rod Power Tour Hot Rod Power Tour