First off, don't call it a Chrysler because it ain't one! Although these cars were manufactured by Chrysler and resembled all of the corporation's weird cars of the early '60s, this car was sold as an Imperial Crown...not a Chrysler. Anyway, these are super cool cars and they're extremely rare, so we were surprised to see Todd Dockery pull up to our shop in one of these! He needed new tires, so we were able to get him back on the road with period correct tires for his classic Chrys...err, Imperial. 1963 Imperial Crown Convertible The interesting thing about the '63 Imperial is that hundreds of changes were made from the previous year's production, and it was the last year of the particular body style. As for Todd's convertible, there were only 531 built, so he's got himself a real rare car! These cars had tons of horsepower, even though they weighed in at nearly 5,000 pounds. Imperial Crown's had Chrysler's 413ci wedge engine, which cranked out 340 horsepower through a TorqueFlite push-button automatic transmission. 1963 Imperial Crown Convertible 1963 Imperial Crown Convertible These cars came from the factory with 8.20-15 bias ply tires, and featured a one inch whitewall, which was standard for that model year. We put a set of BFGoodrich Silvertown bias ply tires on Todd's Imperial, and grabbed a few pictures of it before he left our place. It's a cool car, and thanks to its new whitewalls from Coker Tire, it's even cooler! 1963 Imperial Crown Convertible 1963 Imperial Crown Convertible