If you're new to the old car hobby then you may not have heard of a guy by the name of Henry J. Kaiser. He was quite the engineer and he certainly developed some of the most unique cars of the late '40s and early '50s. Kaiser, Frazer and Henry J were the big three offerings, and each car had its own set of models, with various trim levels and configurations. The company didn't last very long, but it left behind a great legacy that results in a dedicated group of owners. The Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club has a national meet once per year, and the 2012 event is just up the road from us in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Kaiser Frazer Group visits Coker Tire So, as a part of their big event, they took the time to visit several car guy destinations in this part of the state. One particular destination is our office right here in Chattanooga, so we welcomed them into Corkyville this morning! Right at 100 guests saw the lobby, the shop and Corky's great museum, so we couldn't help but grab a picture of the group in front of the office. By 11am they had gone on to their next destination, eventually heading back up to Sweetwater for the big meet. If you're in the area, you NEED to go see these cars! These cars are wild and ahead of their time, and you won't find a bigger group of them anywhere else!