140725_TLB_0026 The Ross Kiwi Tomas Memorial Kickstart Classic is a vintage motorcycle ride, organized by Buzz Kanter, the publisher of American Iron Magazine. He's an avid motorcyclist who has a thing for vintage American motorcycles, and he's a long time friend of Corky Coker and the entire Coker Tire crew. The Kickstart Classic started in Maggie Valley, North Carolina at the awesome Wheels Through Time Museum, and then visited Coker Tire for an overnight stop. Then, the crew left the next morning to eventually arrive at Cyclemos Motorcycle Museum in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. We're glad Buzz and the guys (including our buddy Bryan Fuller) stopped by our place and hung out for a while! Check out our pictures from the Coker Tire stop! 140725_TLB_0006 140725_TLB_0007 140725_TLB_0010 140725_TLB_0041 140725_TLB_0033 140725_TLB_0018 140725_TLB_0020 140725_TLB_0031 140725_TLB_0052 140725_TLB_0025 140725_TLB_0056