Lencki Six Engine SEMA We're currently at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada! It's always an exciting event, and this year we are going all out. We have THREE major press conferences, one of them being the unveiling of the Lencki Six engine, an inline six-cylinder engine that ran in the Indy 500 for many years.We had an incredible turnout for the press conference, with folks like Chip Foose, Bryan Fuller, Troy Ladd and many others taking notice of the updated version of this Indy classic. Lencki Six Engine SEMA The Lencki Six was originally designed by Leo Goosen for Joe Lencki, and it was eventually assembled in the Offenshauser shop in 1938. It was debuted in the 1939 Indy 500, and it continued to run for several years after that. Mr. Lencki held onto his engine and all of the patterns used to develop it, so they were never destroyed or sold off. Now, Corky Coker and Mike Cunningham have teamed up to create the Lencki Six Mark 2, a revised version of the highly acclaimed Indy engine. Lencki Six Engine SEMA This engine is 274 cubic inches and it features a "mono block" design, which means the cylinder head is cast into the block. It features a dual overhead cam design with four valves per cylinder. The camshafts were custom ground by Comp Cams. Fuel is provided by the original Hilborn fuel injection manifold, which has been retro-fitted with electronic fuel injection. The engine's electronics are controlled by a FAST XFI module. Lencki Six Engine SEMA It's a killer combination that is sure to be a very popular engine choice for high end hot rods, Indy car restorations and even vintage wooden boats. The Lencki Six lives again, and we brought it back in grand style at the SEMA Show! Stay tuned for more info on the Lencki Six, as well as our adventures here at SEMA! Lencki Six Engine SEMA Lencki Six Engine SEMA Lencki Six Engine SEMA Lencki Six Engine SEMA Lencki Six Engine SEMA Alright, so seeing it, and learning about its history is cool, but let's HEAR it!!!